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At my Copenhagen Ministry

RAY AN FUENTES  Multi-awarded singer, dancer and songwriter during the 1980’s (Philippine entertainment) Married to Sylvia Gozun with children, Miguel, Julio and Daniella.


Original artist to popularize the song “Umagang Kay Ganda” with Tillie Moreno


Became a regular member of the iconic party/dance show Penthouse 7.  A former member of the Circus Band, RayAn was “recruited” and wooed by the Penthouse 7 girls to join the group after they watched him perform. He joined the show (with his Afro hair and high-heeled boots) and immediately injected funk, color and attitude to the gang, which he picked up from hanging around with members of Soul Train (the definitive funky show on American TV in the 1970s) getting especially close to Patricia Davis (niece of Sammy Davis Jr.) who taught him the moves.  He continued to “funkyfy” Penthouse 7 till the show went off the air. 


Lead performer for Philippine Broadway musical adaptations such as: The Wiz (as Sca recrow);  Cats (as Rum Tum Tugger);  Evita (as Che Guevarra);  Jesus Christ Superstar (as Judas).  One of only few Filipinos to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall of New York. Sang with Sandi Patti, First Call and Phil Driscoll


Command performances for:

*Washington D.C. Diplomatic Corps at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

*The Sultan of Malaysia and

*The King of Morocco


In fulltime faith-based ministry for 33 years as an itinerant singing evangelist, preacher and teacher travelling extensively to the US, Canada, Europe (UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, France, Turkey), Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Japan and the Middle East spreading the good news of God’s Kingdom.

Given a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition in 2002 from the U.S. Congress for “Outstanding and Invaluable Contribution to the (Filipino) Community”


"Pretty Young Thing", All guys' dance number

With the Penthouse 7 "Modern" Croup


The Love of my Life


Sweetie and Me on our Heidelberg Ministry


Tillie Moreno & me


My sweetie & me, Minstrels gig Malaysia


Proud parents watching Boogie perform


Joey Albert & me


Ministry in Toronto


Minstrels Men at the Music Museum


Live at the Music Museum


My Family & I,  on our Geneva Minsitry


New Minstrels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The "Wiz" at the CCP


When we were all young


Circus/Minstrels/Ambivalent Crowd-PICC



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