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Joannie Feliciano was born to creative parents who encouraged her to draw, paint, dance, and sing that she actively did from her early years in the same school her mother & grandmother attended, St. Scholastica's.  She was given a scholarship by the Dean Joya for Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines & after 1 year went on to sing in musicals. Her father the late Chito Feliciano, a highly respected Asian Olympic Champion in the 60's in marksmanship - shooting, also collaborated with the ABC Network in New York, to establish a major TV Network in Manila during the 1960’s, RBS - Channel 7,  that launched the popular “Dancetime with Chito” the inspiration that brought “Penthouse 7” years later.

When Penthouse 7 was conceived, Joannie was invited by Archie Lacson to be part of what was to be the “Modern Group”. She stayed on the show for a year and moved on to have a successful singing career, winning an Aliw Award and the Grand Prize at the Metropop Music Festival. She transitioned to do the production and management of international events (live and TV) for world leaders and CEO’s such as  the  the Papal Visit in 1992, the G6 State visit 1994, the Young Presidents' Organization International and the Billion Dollar Forum in the U.S.A in 2010, just to name a few. She moved to live in the U.S.A in 2003 after an invitation to train with CNN International in Atlanta and founded in 2016 . With her background in media, television and recording production, she used digital advertising and marketing, in strategies for the promotion of the companies she has worked with. She is closely linked to the ABS-CBN Foundation International as a former Associate Director & is still currently involved as a volunteer fundraiser dedicating herself to continue on with the work that her dear friend, the late Gina Lopez started. Today she is doing media based projects for her Media Futures and collaborating for mostly Tech-based "Business to Business" ventures for her Joan of Art Enterprises LLC.


Joannie and Poncy dancing La Bamba

Joannieat Where Else.jpg

At "Euphoria" with friends

Joni and Poncy- La Bamba.jpg

I won the Grand Prize at one of those Metro Pop Music Festivals

Joni and Poncy- La Bamba2.jpg

La Bamba with the Latin Group, in front of Pres. and Mrs. Ramos


Out to the Metro Pop Music Festival

My beloved nephews, Aldo and Paolo

Joannie singing with Bobby Enriquez.jpg
with Paolo and Aldo.jpg

Rehearsals with Bobby Enriquez

Speaking at an event.jpg

Speaking on behalf of the ABS-CBN Foundation International

with the News n Current Affairs Team.jpg

I was welcomed by the News & Current Affairs Team of ABS-CBN

Joni singing.jpg

Singing for the Fil-Am Chamber, South Bay

Joannie in CNN.jpg

At the CNN Newsroom with newscaster Ana Valay of Mexico TV

Joannie at the Kahala.jpg

At the Kahala Hilton where I had a concert

Joni Recieveing Award.jpg

Receiving a "Green Award" for the

ABS-CBN Foundation International


The Modern Group when we started, late 70's



Joni in Black solo.jpg
Penthouse 7 Logo 2.jpg
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